12th September 2017

Course Level

‘mission remains an indispensable dimension of the Christian faith and that, at its most profound level, its purpose is to transform reality around it’
(David Bosch, Transforming Mission, 1998, xv).

This module will introduce you to the predominant ways in which the Christian community has understood and practised ‘mission’. It will identify and consider the biblical and theological foundations of mission including the concept of ‘missio Dei’ and ‘mission in the way of Jesus Christ’. A variety of historical ‘types’ will be explored including contemporary and emerging approaches as will the question of what it means to be ‘missional’. Terms such as ‘attractional’, ‘incarnational’, and ‘contextual’ will be introduced and current literature reviewed.

The biblical, theological, and theoretical exploration of mission will provide perspectives from which you can interpret a range of contemporary expressions of Christian mission, and provide you with the skills to reflect upon the practical ways in which you would implement mission through a local church.