10th September 2019

Course Level

level 9

‘mission remains an indispensable dimension of the Christian faith and that, at its most profound level, its purpose is to transform reality around it’
(David Bosch, Transforming Mission, 1998, xv).

This module will introduce students to the ways in which the Christian community has historically understood and practised mission with a view to enabling the development of appropriate mission strategies relevant to the emerging shape of diverse local cultures in the 21st century. Biblical and theological perspectives combined with insights from the social sciences will provide a matrix through which a range of contemporary expressions of Christian mission may be articulated so as to form the basis for practical outcomes in a local church context.

The class will help students to:

  • understand the nature of cultural change in relation to the missional opportunities of contemporary culture
  • identify both traditional and innovative models of mission and explain how each may function in relation to diverse historical and cultural contexts
  • develop skills in cross-cultural theological reflection through an understanding of contemporary missional initiatives in the global north