10th September 2019

Course Level

level 8

‘Leadership – what is it? How do you do it? Who is a leader? Who is not?’
(Walter Wright, Relational Leadership, xi, 2000).

This module introduces the core issues of Christian leadership as exercised within a variety of ministry contexts. Models of leadership derived from a variety of sources including the Bible, business and the voluntary sector will be considered. A variety of leadership styles will be examined and evaluated for their potential usefulness in pastoral ministry.

You will be helped to consider the pitfalls and challenges of church pastoral leadership and how these can be anticipated with compensating strategies. There will be discussion of leadership integrity, particularly the personal qualities of a leader in a faith community and whether it is possible to lead others in ways the leader has not attained. This will allow for consideration of what it means to lead within an ethical framework, ethics applying both to the leader and the practice of non-manipulative leadership.

Through case studies you will explore the challenges of Christian leadership in a faith community, exploring how to grow as a leader in skills and effectiveness. The course will offer the opportunity to critically reflect on the challenges of leadership in situations such as church meetings (business, deacons’, ministry team, etc.), the leader as exemplar in worship, pastoral care, relational integrity.