28th January 2020

Course Level

level 8

‘culture is the way we do thing around here’
(Variously attributed).

This module introduces participants to the terminology and the main ways in which the relationship of Christianity to culture has been conceptualised. This gives a working understanding and suggests possible responses.

The module will then identify a number of features of contemporary Western culture as they impinge upon traditional expressions of Christianity raising questions and inviting response as they consider the context of contemporary Christian witness.

Participants will then have the opportunity to focus upon particular features of contemporary culture and discuss them with the class in relation to the interaction between Bible, Christian convictions and surrounding culture(s).

Participation in this module will involve students in attending and reflecting upon a range of cultural expressions both familiar and unfamiliar to them. In turn it will make use of the virtual learning environment, class contact time, shared cultural experiences, and eating together as opportunities for discussion and interaction.