28th January 2020

Course Level

level 9

This course is based on the relationship between Christ and Church. It will attempt to help students formulate a theology of the Church’s witness, service and worship, through an exploration of that relationship. The question ‘Who is Jesus Christ for today’s world?’ will lead to some critical reflection on how the Church has thought of Jesus in the past and into the present. The question ‘What is the Church called to be today?’ likewise depends on how the Church thinks of and represents Jesus Christ in its life and mission today.

In this study of Christ and Church you will explore and discuss significant questions about:

  • what it means for the church to be called the ‘Body of Christ’
  • the nature of Christian service within and beyond the community of faith
  • the content of the Church’s message in the context of our times, including the scandal of particularity that accompanies Christological claims
  • the Church as the embodiment of Christ, its physical reality in the world, and its spiritual reality as the Body of Christ.