11th September 2018

Course Level

level 9

This module will identify significant developments in Baptist history in relation to: Continental Anabaptism, British, Scottish, European, and Global developments. This will inform you of the radical tradition that emerges out of a Baptist committment to Christ, the Bible and the Free Church tradition.

In giving attention to significant events and personalities you will get the opportunity to engage with a limited number of source texts.

In turn participants will explore a number of Baptist convictions and practices emerging from this Free Church tradition of living under the ‘rule of Christ’. These include:

  • the believers’ church
  • believers’ baptism
  • communal discernment
  • mission and evangelism
  • freedom of religion
  • and dissident and prophetic engagement

Such topics will be considered in relation to embodied examples and practical implications not least in relation to the British and in particular Scottish Baptist context of church life.