About Scottish Baptist College

A college where people can faithfully and creatively develop their faith and practice

Rooted in real life

SBC helps people prepare for Christian living and service in the contemporary context. It offers a supportive environment with dedicated staff. It is a context in which people can faithfully and creatively develop their Christian faith and practice.

Located on the Paisley campus of the University of the West of Scotland students access the full range of University resources and support while being part of a smaller intentional learning community.

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“When describing us, our students use the language of ‘family’ and ‘community’.”

The Course

Students take individual modules or follow through programmes to certificate, diploma, and degree level. Full time or part time study is possible. Through the courses offered and our general College life we seek to hold together: academic excellence, practical training and personal spiritual development.

While we have strong links with the Baptist Union of Scotland and the majority of students at the College come from a Baptist background we also have, welcome, and accept students from other backgrounds.

Life Together

Students and staff share a common room space for breaks and lunch. This contributes to the strong collegiate ethos to our College. External observers praise the ‘student facing’ nature of our College; our students use the language of ‘family’ and ‘community’.

You are invited to contact the College to find out more information or to arrange a visit and a meeting with a member of staff who will be happy to discuss your particular needs and aspirations.